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america is the home of the hypocrite

They played the numa numa song at the club tonight. I was very amused, and there was a few people doing the dance.

They also played this movie which was... very bizarre and disturbing - and intriguing enough for me to look it up once I got home. I'd never heard of this director, but apparently he's worth noting.

The Violent Femmes is a band that... I know their songs, but I dont know I know it until I hear it. "Oh, I know *this* song! That's the Violent Femmes? Okay, good to know." This has happened with at least three different songs (including this one).

Why are attractive guys so intimidating? I think it's partly because confidence is attractive and confidence is intimidating. Argh. It's frustrating. Though sometimes asshole-ishness can look like confidence at a distance and therefore attractiveness. That's irritating.

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