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I wore my "rebellious" shirt today. My mom doesnt like it when I wear it in public but I dont care. Its my birfday. Its not like I bought it to be rebellious. Its my Godsmack shirt. Its from the first concert I ever went to. Its not my fault if it just happened to be called the "wake the fuck up tour"

God, I HATE spam. the most popular subjects now are "i changed my screen name" "do i know you?" (i answer that one outloud...i talk to my spam.....i say "no, you dont") and "open to get your instakiss!!" i heard that one of the instakiss ones holds a virus. damn people. i hate people. people suck. people should die. damn them. damn damn damn damn them.

STORYTIME!!!! We have two chairs in my living room. When we moved in, my mom picked one out and I picked one out. my mom picked this cushy chair with white and red pinstripes. I picked out a dark blue leather recliner. no one ever uses either. my cat does, though. he loves my moms chair. yesterday, My mom said showed my her dirty, cat-hair-filled chair and said "who's responsibility do you think it is to clean this?" we'd never discussed this before. it's not like this was one of my chores. she was implying that she wanted me to vacuum it. i reasoned out of it by saying "its your chair, you should vacuum it. i'll vacuum my chair when it needs it." or something like that. i cant believe i got away with it, too. anyway, a few minutes ago, i notice my kitty (as usual) sleeping on the chair (moms chair). i decide to try something. i pick him up, carry him the 3 feet to my chair and put him down. he sits there for a minute, with a very disgusted look on his face. i then take this sheepskin thing we have, and drape it over "his" chair. i assumed he wouldnt want to lay on that. i leave the room for a minute and come back and see him laying down on the floor glaring at me. lol....funny kitty....*5 minutes later* Okay...I go back and see him on the ottoman that matches my moms chair. so i pick him up, sit in *my* chair, with him in my lap, and watch him fall asleep (well, you know how cats are....he *looked* like he was asleep) for about 5 minutes. then i get back up and put him on my chair. he stays laying down, but has a bewildered look on his face. i go back about 2 minutes later and he's on *my* chair all curled up. :-D i converted him!!

I'ts 330am...i should sleep....:-P

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What prep label are you?

I've never heard of this brand.....i guess thats a good thing?

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I am Charlie Brown

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