Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

Ack! It's February already! Time goes by so quickly!!!

There needs to be a website that tells you the original writer/performer of any certain song. It's so hard to find when a cover is more popular than the original ever was.

I'm bombarded with coincidences this morning:

I'm writing a philosophy essay about freedom/free will.

I'm reading the story about Cindy Sheehan getting arrested for wearing a controversial shirt.

I'm listening to A Perfect Circle's eMotive which contains songs like "Freedom of Choice," "Let's Have A War," "What's Going On," etc.

That cd is right below my Pennywise Land of the Free? cd, where the title track lyrics go:
Land of the free and we're united
Make our destiny we take control
Never divided we got the power and we'll never be
Divided we fall

Land of the free free to conspire to control destiny
Oh yeah you're gonna see
There's no use resisting you live in the land of the free

Free to control your life the land of the free
Free to control your mind the land of the free

Democracy Untied Nations
Of hypocrisy profit's our goal
We're incorporated it's big business and oil companies
Controlling us all

Aaahhh! The appropriateness of it all!
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