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fucking assholes using a good name

GRRRR... this REALLY pisses me off...beyond words...*mumbles*fuckingassholes...

As many of you know, Brian Deneke was a youth who was murdered in Amarillo, Texas on December 12, 1997. Deneke’s social status as a "punk" versus the defendant’s status as a "jock" played heavily into the trial and the outrage which followed Dustin Camp’s light conviction and sentence. Deneke’s family put up a website at to raise awareness and tell Brian’s story. Unfortunately another ugly twist has developed. A particularly vicious anti-abortion site, AbortionIsMurder.Org, has purchased BrianDeneke.Com and linked it to their cause. Our news submitter, and the staff of this site, would like to express our outrage at this organization using the tragic murder of Brian to "trick" people into viewing their unreleated political cause. If this bothers you in any way, please send an email to the administrator of ( let them know. You may also want information on who the site is registered to. Spread the word
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