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Loneliness Quotient: 39%


Your Personalized Assessment Report:

An LQ score of 39 not the best, however it is still on the healthier side of the meter. This score is indicative of some problems that could be worked out, and we will take a closer look at specific areas of interest. You've got some difficulties with having friends that need improvement. This is one area you should work on. Thankfully, your family is not a source of loneliness for you. Sometimes family can put a strain on your life, but in your case things seem to be okay. You are not completely fulfilled in your romantic life, and this is an area that can be improved upon. However, it does not seem like anything drastic is in order. Luckily, shyness is not a setback for you, which makes resolving the sources of your loneliness easier. Finally, a bright spot for you is that you don't suffer any major insecurity issues. This fact helps keep your LQ lower than what it might have been.

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