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So my computer's being a bitch again. Yesterday, it spontaneously restarted, with no warning, then while it was restarting, it spontaneously restarted again. It let me choose if I wanted to start in safe mode, so I tried that and before completely starting up. it just froze before spontaneously restarting, and when it did, it told me "operating system not found" So I restarted it again, it let me choose safe mode or not, I chose normal mode, and while on the windows loading screen, it spontaneously restarted again.

This cycle went on for a few hours until I figured out that holding it vertically while restarting made it able to completely boot up. And once it did, it worked fine, except for getting messages like this every so often (noticably when I load a page in Opera - something to do with the cache? cookies?) but no other noticable problems.

I'm hoping to wait until I get to CA before I take it in to Best Buy because dealing with the international warranty is complicated.

One specific question: I've backed up my irreplaceable files on an external hard drive in case I suddenly cant get it to restart at all and need to trade it in, and I want to include my bookmarks in that. Where is that located? What file(s) do I need to copy to do that? Thanks, headhouse, that was easy...

Oh yes, my ipod was plugged into my computer the first time it spontaneously restarted which caused it to lose most of my music again.
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