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Bonjour, BIOTCH



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kick ass...

TiNWatzon [6:16 PM]: stop mentally imaging me as a hooker!!
TiNWatzon [6:16 PM]: lol

I was driving around and the car in front of me had a NY license plate...I was so jealous.

rammstein kicks ass

Sprout says T*P are coming to NM hopefully this fall. I hope so...

summer is stressfree, yet boring. i cant decide whether i like it or not.

I saw the breakfast club with juliana kira and lauren yesterday. not bad.

caleb comes back sunday. kira's happy. i dont know if i am.

the qta show is tonight. my mom said i have to decide between that and the adema show on the 11th since i'm also going to edgefest on the 22nd. i chose adema. qta is local...i'll have more chances. adema is big. plus, it's only gonna cost $1.04 to get in. the radio station (104.7) likes to do these "cheap and easy" concerts, but they've all sucked up until now. lauren's coming to adema, too.

"sadie hawkins dance" by relient k is a weird, yet cool song.

It's so damn hot here....around 100..:-P

*snicker* trashy fashion sense? what if i like it that way? lol....

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au revoir, BIOTCH
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