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So I've transferred the files. Everything's safe. However, that was only part one.

Now I need to deal with Best Buy. I'm crossing my fingers for there to be no issues with the international warranty. GR. They hinted there would be when I went there yesterday to see if their "Geek Squad" could help me with my Linux problems. There was about seven people on staff at the computer repair station and no one knew linux. I don't know how you can call yourselves a "geek squad" if no one has absolutely any knowledge about linux. Anyway, they do a "48-hour diagnosis" which means I give my computer to them and two days later they tell me whether or not they can fix it. Not two days to fix it, just two days to figure out what they'd have to do to fix it. Gr. At least I've had Linux running stable all afternoon. That means there's nothing wrong with my hardware, just the software (windows), and it wont be very hard to fix it. Right? But it still doesn't always restart. It's like the screen doesn't realize you've turned on the power and stays black. Not the on-black that says it's on, just not showing anything. I mean the off-black that means there's no power to the monitor yet. I have to turn it on and off between 2 and twenty times before it realizes it's on. And it's making weird noises. When the hard drive spins, it's a lot louder than it should be.

That reminds me. My religion prof said "Gr" in class the other day. That was amusing.

I was going to do a voice post when I didnt have a computer but I hadnt set it up, plus they didn't have a number for Canada. :P
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