Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

So I was cleaning my desk and found, amidst the pile of manuals and warranties that I'd been looking for my windows reinstall cd on but couldnt, a scrap of paper that says "system and application recovery". It informed me that I dont need a cd, I just press F10 when the VAIO logo shows up (which is as far as it will get normally) and it'll do it for me. I KNEW IT. I knew I didnt lose anything. I couldnt find the cd because there wasn't one!!

So I used it.

And my computer's running normally.

This whole fucking time. This whole week while I had been dealing with a half-assed computer. One I couldn't use trillian, couldnt use my printer, couldnt watch movies or listen to music, use my favorite web browser, or lj client, couldnt use plugins for various sites like myspace, youtube, and albinoblacksheep, couldnt access my bookmarks. A week and a half of that and all because they made it harder by trying to make it easier.

I dont know whether to be relieved that I finally got it back, or pissed off I didnt figure this out earlier.

Now to download every program I'd had and fix settings of everything.

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