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if you're gonna be original, you can count on being copied

I normally have two classes on Friday: Religion (discussion) and French. However, this Friday, being the last day of classes and Arts County Fair, is a bit different. My religion TA already said we're not having class unless we want to meet at ACF (jokingly). French is "optional". And me? I'll be going to French. Why? A few reasons:

1) I'm a dork with nothing better to do
2) My French prof's hot
3) It'll force me to be up by a reasonable time (class starts at 1pm)
4) 6 hours of ACF is plenty (and I probably wont even stay for that long)
5) My French prof's hot
6) I'm a dork

I wouldnt be suprised if I'm the only one who actually goes, but hey, what the hell. That's not a bad thing. :)
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