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Things like this are why I love the Daily Show. Excerpt from last night (you can see the video here by clicking "get enriched or die trying" though I don't know how long it'll be up):

What's an administration to do about Iran? Well, according to Seymour Hirsch of the New Yorker, the US is already set on a military pre-emptive action against Iran that may or may not involve tactical nuclear weapons. The president responded to this charge:

Bush, 2006: "I read the articles in the newspapers this week and it was just wild speculation, by the way. What you're reading is wild speculation. Which happens quite frequently right here in the nation's capital."

Let's see, we've got an America-hating madman, who we know is building WMDs, in an oil-rich country that starts with the letters "I-r-a-". But an invasion? That's just wild speculation! The defense secretary was equally dismissive:

Rumsfeld, on Iran, 2006: "You know, someone comes up with an idea, runs it in a magazine, or a paper, other papers pick it up and reprint it. Editorialists then say "oh henny penny, the sky is falling", and, you know, opine on this and opine on that.

Secretary Rumsfeld wouldn't reassure us like we were children if there actually was a problem - I remember a few years ago when the silly goose media was worried about the early reports of violence in Iraq:

Rumsfeld, on Iraq, 2002: "I picked up a newspaper today, and I couldn't believe it. I read eight headlines, that talked about chaos, violence, unrest, and it just was "henny penny the sky is falling" I've never seen anything like it."

Holy crap! We're going to war with Iran!

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