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choose your future. choose life.

I passed my driver's license written test (big surprise) - I got 2 wrong and you're allowed to miss 6 and pass. They'll mail it to me in 4-6 weeks. And they give you a voter registration form along with it to make it easier to do all at once, so I did that too. :) YAY!

I'm now officially working at the Balboa Theatre. I start Friday. YAY!

I'll be handing in my application for SFSDF probably on Wednesday after another revision or two (thanks hayleigh_fae for the comments!).

And I still have a working computer that I can actually take places with me.

Things are finally falling into place. So relieved. I've been feeling like such a bum lately.

I got Trainspotting and Requiem for a Dream on dvd a few days ago - lalabob11 had given me an amazon gift certificate for my bday and those are two movies that should've been in my collection a long time ago.

Ooh, speaking of good movies, if any of you have the chance to see Night Watch, for god's sake, do yourself a favor and watch it. Jesus, I think that's on the list of my favorite movies ever. "The Matrix meets Underworld and Blade Runner in this visually stunning occult thriller." It's a Russian vampire movie, but although vampires have been done to death (haha), this isn't like anything you've ever seen. Not the least bit cliche, trust me. Crazyawesome.

I am SO ready for death guild tonight.
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