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YAY!!! I'm so happy...I got my report card in the mail today.

semester grades:
history - B
english - B+
psych - A
geometry - A-
biology - B
computer - A-
french - A+

WOOO!!! five of those are advanced classes so that makes my gpa a 4.29!! :-D not as good as last semester, a 4.57, but considering I thought i failed my biology exam and history, and my computer teacher's a dick, i'm happy.

lol....albuquerque's baseball team is the isotopes. to quote someone else, " Because, you know, we are so witty and original. Oh, no, wait. That was Matt Groening. Charming how we pilfered The Simpsons for our fukcing new team name... "

Find Out If You Are John Stamos!

one of--no, that was the most pointless and stupid quizzes i've ever taken.

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