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AAAAH!!!!! NOO!!!!!!

from the QTA mailing list:

QTA has been catching some heat from one of our neighbors about noise. There is a new noise ordinance that specifically targets amplified music by placing restrictions that are literally impossible to comply with. It is illegal to be louder than five decibels above the average sound level on your propertly line. This means that your phone ringing, dog barking, lawn mower, and air conditioner oblitherate this restriction, but wait, they don't count because they're not music. To read the ordinance go to to comment on the ordinance write to Councillor Yntema at
There is a woman, named Margaret Haber, who goes around enforcing the bill. She's taking us to court as well as many local bands and a prevelant local venue. It's her declared purpose to shut down said venue (and trust me, you would cry) and local bands. She has a cell phone for reporting noise/bands, the number to it is: 319-4462, if she doesn't answer there, you can call the office at 768-2600 or after-hours at 768-2120. Now, it's none of my business what you do with these numbers, but keep in mind that if the lines are bombarded with bogus complaints, the whole system might shut down. So, locals, let's fight back and keep music alive in the Bourque!

I dont want to lose the launchpad!!!! NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO I HATE PEOPLE!!!!!!
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