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life is insanely wonderful

I have had a shitload of pictures that I haven't posted dating back to August. Here's the context in which they were taken with links to flickr for the actual pictures.

08/30/06 - I cat-sat Aramis and Athos - both such adorable kitties. It was hard to get good pictures of them since one's black and one's white, either Aramis was underexposed or Athos was overexposed.

09/23/06 - Mom and I went to Sutro Heights Park and the Sutro Baths remains. It was cloudy/foggy which meant there was no direct light on anything (meaning less interesting pics), I couldn't see as far out as I'd've liked, and the sky didnt make for a pretty picture. But I still got some cool pics.

09/30/06 - Nick and I went to this church just because it's a gorgeous building that we wanted to see from the inside, and I saw this picture. It's a reflection on a window of some beams that formed a cross with the sun at the center, which looked really cool, or maybe it's just because I had religion on the brain. Afterwards, we went to the Sutro bath remains. It was sunny, which made for pretty sky pictures, but also meant harsher shadows which resulted in some cool silhouette shots.

10/08/06 - Yesterday, we went to a cemetery in the Presidio, and there's a spot where you can see Alcatraz in the background so that obviously was a perfect photo op. Then we found a pet cemetery nearby which was a lot smaller and a lot more fun. People take people-death so seriously. I love pet cemeteries. Regular cemeteries are so uniform and grim and uninteresting. Pet cemeteries are colorful, homemade and much more personal. Such interesting headstones - I wanted to take pictures of all of them, but my battery was low, plus then you might as well just go there.

We realized we were nearby the prime area for watching the Blue Angels do their air show for Fleet Week, so we wandered down the coast and then my battery died, so there's not as many of those as I'd like.

I would reiterate how happy Nick and I are, but I think you can see it in our faces. :)

My roommate is cleaning out her room and throwing a bunch of stuff away which means I have a bunch of new books. :) Like I needed any. My favorite part of getting secondhand books? The bookmarks people leave behind. Who knew Yo! MTV Raps made trading cards?

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