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So I'm maybe possibly thinking about considering getting a motorcycle. I have some money saved up and I'm tired of it taking 90 minutes to get from school to work, and an hour to get to either one from my house. My life is getting busy enough that it's very limiting to have to waste time on mass transit.

I rode on the back of one when I was about 12, but that's all the experience I have.

I started researching it, and found out that if I take the lessons/safety course in the next seven months (before I turn 21), I pay $150 instead of $235. There's some incentive. I even already have leather gloves and leather boots, two of the requirements for the course - all the other requirements are things like long pants, longsleeved shirt, sunglasses, etc. They provide bikes and helmets. So I'm thinking - I could take the course now, while it's cheaper, and while I do that, I can be thinking about whether or not I actually want to buy one.

But I'm just thinking about thinking about it right now. It also kinda scares me. But God, it'd be nice to be able to get around.

And why the fuck not? I know it's dangerous, but so is life. Most motorcycle accidents are caused by people who dont know how to ride, or who aren't sober. I'll be taking the course, and I sure as hell wont be stoned or drunk while riding. As long as I'm not stupid about it, I'll be fine. Which goes for life in general as well.

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