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Here's a perfect example of why movies or any visual media cant completely replace books, at least for me. Words can effectively describe the unreal, the impossible. I'm reading The Stand by Stephen King, and one character... umm... has soul-sex with the devil, is the best way I can describe it. Here's how Stephen King describes it:

"It was like nothing she had ever felt before. Later, metaphors occurred to her to describe it, and she rejected them, one by one:

You're swimming and suddenly, in the midst of the warm water, you're treading water in a pocket of deep, numbing cold.

You've been given Novocain and the dentist pulls a tooth. It comes out with a painless tug. You spit blood into the white enamel basin. There's a hole in you; you've been gouged. You can slip your tongue into the hole where part of you was living a second ago.

You stare at your face in the mirror. You stare at it for a long time. Five minutes, ten, fifteen. No fair blinking. You watch with an intellectual sort of horror as your face changes, like the face of Lon Chaney, Jr., in a werewolf epic. You become a stranger to yourself, an olive-skinned Doppelganger, a psychotic Vampira with pale skin and fishslit eyes.

It was really none of those things, but there was a taste-trace of all of them.

The dark man entered her, and he was cold."

You can't translate that into film and create the same impression.

I think I saw the miniseries, or bits of it, years and years ago, but too long ago to really remember, so it's on my list. It'll be interesting to compare.

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