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damn school

Its weird...I've been just not caring about school as much anymore. I've always been a straight-A student, but starting this last year, I've been slacking a lot more than usual. It might have something to do with Apps' class. i've done horrible in that class from the begining, and no matter how hard i study, i cant seem to get good grades on tests in that class. i've still gotten As in that class all year, thanks to my term papers, and the worksheets. for every test i fail, theres one worksheet to kind of balance it out. and i know my term papers help a lot, i get As on those, and they count for a huge percentage of the grade. anyway, i've just kinda given up on studying for history tests, cuz its not doing me any good. and i think thats translating into other classes. i blew off a few assignments in biology a few weeks ago, cuz i didnt know how to do them and didnt feel like asking how. i know i cant keep this up, but i cant help it. and i've always been a procrastinator, so that doesnt help...:-P blah...i'll figure something out.

i'm listening to simple plan right now...they're so awesome, and david desrosiers (bassist) is so hot. i have a thing for bassists..i dont know why, but when i think a guy is really awesome, often, i find out he's a bassist. i dont look for bassists and then decide if they're cool or not, its the other way around.

i'm dying my hair this knew that....i'm going to the unwritten law/mest concert on monday...:-D i just found out today that their opening band will be Hornswaggled. i've never heard of them. i hope they're decent.

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