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ever feel like killing yourself?

from the skittle guy:

I've always been okay with death, mostly because I've experienced it since I was a very little kid. I've had several of my close relatives die while I was still young, and so from the get go, and I've had friends that have died as well. Because of this, I've realized that death is a very real and very permanent thing. So I do not fear death, rather, I fear the wasting of life.

As far as I see it, you've got one shot here, so you'd better make it count. We've got very little time in the broad scheme of things, VERY little time. We can't be sure that there is an afterlife, sure some of us might have faith in what our religion tells us, but again, we can't even be sure that that certain religion holds any truth whatsoever. All we have is records that could even be legends, that have been passed down for centuries. What makes Greek myths myths and the Bible history? You just can't tell. A friend of mine posted up an excerpt from an article about life and death on Malleable a little bit ago, which states basically what I ponder during these particular deep thought sessions.

The excerpt said that everything we know in this world is finite, which is very true. But we like to believe that our souls however are infinite, after our physical body dies, our spiritual one goes somewhere else, for the next stage of our existence. We have no proof that we have souls, and what makes us different than any of the other animals or creatures on this planet that supposedly don't have souls? I don't see how being able to reason makes us have the need for a soul, it just means that we have a bigger brain.

Why can't we be finite? I think there's a very good possibility that we are. That we just stop. It's hard to fathom, but it is possible. Sure, you can't think of one day not waking up, not being there, but that's only because you won't be there. We think this way because all we've ever known is waking up the next day and going on about our lives, but sometimes it's time to learn something new, in which case you know something else. I think it's time we know that our life is our only chance.

Maybe there is an afterlife, maybe there isn't. But on the chance that there isn't, you'd better make damn sure you're doing what you want now, because you'll never be able to again.

That's why I can't seem to accept wasting my time, my life on things like school, more school, and work. Our society has built up a system that EVERYONE MUST follow, otherwise apparently you're life is useless. From the time you're a small child to the time you're a grown adult, you go through different stages of education, that will supposedly prepare you for the real world. And what is the real world exactly? More work of course. We must work so that we can work. But why do we work? So that we can get money so that we can survive and have happiness? But will we really be happy if all we're doing is picking petals off of the small flower that is our life?

As far as I'm concerned, if you want to do something, do it right away. If a good opportunity arises, don't pass it up. It's not likely to come around again, so you'd better get at it while the getting's good. Unfortunately, doing some things might be temporarily delayed due to our great society's even greater system. A system that wears people out and throws them in the garbage. A greedy system that never gives back what it takes. A system that will eventually destroy itself and everybody and everything caught up in it.

That's why I see things like school and work absolutely pointless. We're wasting our life. We should get only the necessities and then go off to do whatever we want. If we want to work, then work. But only do what makes you happy because you have very little time to be happy. The problem is that doing this would collapse the system even quicker, cause chaos, and put an end everything. I doubt there is any way to always be happy, and to always have things go well.

But, what if we simply spent less time working and going to school? What classes do we simply not need? Second languages? For kids in Catholic school, do you really need religion? Do we really need how to diagram a sentence? Do we need to know math that will only help us if we design space ships? I think that only people planning to design space ships should learn this, since it's useless to anybody else. Why waste our time on things we don't need, won't use, and bring our lives down? We should be able to devote more time to doing what we want to do than what we don't even have to do but supposedly have to do.

Live your life with no regrets. And if you have regrets already, which you must, do your best to fix them. Writing this entire thing up makes me a hypocrite, since of course I will falter. But, I will do my best to do what I can to make my life go as well as I want it to. Some things are out of my control right now, but once I do have control I will make sure that I do everything that is in my power to do what I want to do and never look back and frown. Do your best as well, because this is our only time.

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