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power outage

The power went out about an hour ago for an hour. You know you're too wired when the power goes out and you realize you have nothing to do and are immediately bored. I drove around for that hour. About 3 of the 5 stoplights in town were out, too. People were pretty good about taking turns, too, surprisingly. Most of the town has stop signs, so we're used to it.

I saw Phillip driving around, too. We weren't exactly friends at school, but we were friendly towards one another. He saw me, recognized me, and waved. It took a minute for me to figure out who it was (damned tinted windows) but I did and waved back. Now, I don't have a crush on him, but for some reason, that made me happy. I like it when people I hardly know are nice to me. :-)

Damn it, people, yield signs are NOT stop signs!!!!! Theres this one stoplight that to turn right, theres a different lane and just a yield sign, instead of the stoplight. The speed limit is 35, and you can get by with slowing down to only about 25 if no cars are coming. I was behind this person, who *stopped*. Came to a full stop on this little lane where the yield sign was. They acted like it was a stop sign. I'd've been okay if a car was coming, but it was a fucking red light for anyone who would've come in front of us. God, that pissed me off. Theres NO NEED TO STOP!!!!!

DAMMIT!!! Someone just called me and I picked up the phone in time to hear their reciever click as they hung up. And my FUCKING caller ID is FUCKED up for who knows why, so I have no idea who it was. And they might not even call me back, thinking "oh, she has caller id, she'll see i called and call me back" cuz usually i do. but nooooooooooooo, my caller id has to go and be mean like that....

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