Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

I just came across a letter my grandparents wrote 35 years ago (1972) (unsure of who/what to):

"It is not a Republican or Democratic issue. The issue is not welfare. The issue is not abortion. The issue is not marijuana. The issue is not long hair or short hair. It is not communist or anti-communist. The issue is LIFE or DEATH. Do you yourself want to kill or be killed? Is the immediate threat to America worth even ONE American life? We know many lives have been lost. But need we have one more life lost? Be it North Vietnamese, South Vietnamese or American serviceman. Is it worth one more maimed child? Even if he or she isn't our child or happens to be slant-eyed. He is a child. American servicemen carry out the will of the American people. The American people have a choice in November. What is the value of any human life when we the voters kill hundreds of people every day? Our son is doing his patriotic duty - he is in the Air Force in Vietnam. Must we tell him to kill or be killed? Do you yourself want to kill or be killed? The Vietnamese people want to be left alone. What is "communism" to a peasant? Seeing their babies die in their arms is worse. Can we let them have the right to be left alone?

Our son's duty is over in December. But there are thousands of other young men - sons, husbands and brothers who will not be coming HOME where they belong. That is, only if Americans continue to be fooled by Nixon's plea for more time. It is too late for an "honorable peace" too many people have been killed by us, and "American" is almost a dirty word in many foreign countries. Can we give George McGovern a chance to prove his honesty?

So long as we have military force in Southeast Asia, each one of us holds the knife. For every German we twisted the knife, we felt justifiably credited. For every slant-eyed twist of the knife - are we justified by an immediate threat? Can you personally twist the knife like we all did 25 years ago? Is our freedom really that much in jeopardy?"

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