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damn, i keep getting spam with the subject "finger me with those python fingers" and another one with "mastodon" something....i hate spam.

oh my god! for those of you who dont know, aol has a feature where you can get celebrity voices to say "welcome" "youve got mail" and/or "goodbye". right now, they're having a contest where you can guess the celebrity and win something. let me tell you, it is incredibly easy to guess correctly. they even give you a "hint" I can usually guess who it is without hearing the voice at all, and just reading the hint. today, it's "this pop princess is at the crossroads of music and acting"...tell me that doesnt give it away. and if you're that stupid, when you go to enter your "guess", it's multiple choice. how much easier could they POSSIBLY make it??? and the prizes are things like cars...jeeps dodges and chryslers. but that was only half the reason i'm writing about this. i listened to britney say "welcome" "you've got mail, again" and "ta-ta"...i swear to god she sounds 8.

another way to know you're too try to write "bye" but your fingers type "byte"...i swear thats happened to me way too often

I love these ranting sites. if anyone knows some good ones, lemme know. referred to them as E/N aka everything/nothing...i've never heard that before, but okay...

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