Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

Well, I've succeeded in psyching myself up for a road trip, but since my big road trip won't happen for several months, and it has been suggested that I make a few overnighter road trips beforehand anyway, to prepare, since I havent before, I've decided to go to San Luis Obispo probably Wednesday, getting back Thursday night. I didn't choose SLO for any specific reason other than it seems like a good day trip end point, unless I decide at San Simeon that I'm too tired to continue (which is entirely possible, and part of the reason for this trip).


Ride to Pacifica (30 min; 14 mi)
Eat breakfast
Ride to Santa Cruz (1hr 40 min; 65.1mi)
Ride to Monterey (1hr; 50mi)
Eat lunch, Gas
Ride to San Simeon (2hr; 98mi)
Gas (, sleep?)
Ride to San Luis Obispo (45min; 38mi)
Eat dinner, Gas, Sleep
Eat breakfast
Ride to King City (2hrs 21min; 91.8mi)
Ride to Hollister (1hr 14min; 58.5mi)
Eat lunch
Ride to Alice's Restaurant (1hr 38min; 72.3mi)
Ride home (49min; 36.8mi)
Eat dinner, Gas, Sleep

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