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Well, gee, that was exciting. I just sliced my thumb open, went to the emergency room and they literally superglued it back together. It was pretty deep, too. I honestly would've set up an away message before I left while waiting for my mom (my nerdiness taking over there), but my left hand was kinda, um, occupied, and my right hand was busy squeezing the base of the thumb to stop the bleeding (which didnt work too well, the towel i was using to soak up the blood was, well, soaked. More nerdiness: I'm not too bothered with this, though, cuz my left thumb doesnt really do anything while on the computer. Except alt-tabbing. I'm going to have to figure out a different way to do that. I really was surprised at how little it hurt. Honestly, it didnt hurt, basically at all until about a half an hour after it happened. It was deep enough to have stitched, but they decided that since it wasn't on the joint, they could glue it. It scared the shit out of me, though, the whole thing did. Damn, that was one adreline rush. I'm gonna go to bed early tonight (1, maybe 2am).

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