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new cds and fillings

I just bought eminem's "the eminem show" and goldfinger's "open your eyes". the eminem cd came with a dvd, but i dont have a dvd player!!! :-( the goldfinger cd came with a video....and it's just traumatizing. I only watched, like, 3 seconds of it, but that was way more than enough.

I had two fillings today. one on the right side and one on the left. both on the top. the one on the left, the dentist and my mom convinced me to go without anesthesia, cuz it wasnt that deep. i was glad i did. i honestly didnt feel anything but pressure (which of course is unavoidable). but on the right, he said it was deeper and gave the anesthesia. so my right upper lip felt weird for the rest of the day. it wasnt as bad as it usually is, though, cuz i could drink without drooling and smile completely.

I'm really liking this new eminem cd. i love it. I went into circuit city to buy it, and, of course, i went to the rap section. i couldnt find it. they had to have it, though, i mean, come on...its eminem. so i went to go find my goldfinger cd (in the rock/pop section) and passed by the "e" rock/pop section. there it was. SINCE WHEN IS EMINEM A POP SINGER????

Goddamn, Ewan McGregor is hot.
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