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001. Favorite band(s): i cant name them all... some of them are in my livejournal interests. that's not even all of them

002. Do you enjoy concerts?: definitely. but i live in the suckiest place for it....

003. What was the last concert you attended?: UL/Mest back in march..adema's on tuesday, though! :-)

004. Music you couldn't live without?: music in general

005. Kind of music that would fall off the face of the earth and you wouldn't care nor miss it?: i dunno...i cant generalize like that. i guess country, though

006. About how many CDs do you own?: hmmm....about 150 probably

007. How many CDs can your stereo hold at a time?: 1

008. Do you have a discman?: yes, it's a little circular sony one. it has a radio, too. :-) i love it

009. What CD(s) could you listen to for hours?: eek i dunno... i do that to all my cds :-\

010. Can you sing well?: hell no

How many CDs do you own by...
011. Britney Spears?: 0
012. City High?: 0
013. O-Town?: 0
014. Eminem?: all 3 :-D thats what i'm listening to now
015. Incubus?: 1
016. Blink 182?: 7 (all of them plus i burned flyswatter)
017. Everclear?: 1
018. Mandy Moore?: 0
019. Backstreet Boys?: 2
020. *NSync?: 2
021. Dr. Dre?: 0
022. Fuel?: 0
023. Linkin Park?: 1 (and i burned like 20 unreleased songs)
024. Destiny's Child?: 0
025. Dream?: 0
026. Korn?: 1
028. Missy Elliot?: 0
029. Nelly Furtado?: 0
030. Jessica Simpson?: 1
031. Christina Aguilera?: 0
032. Eve 6?: 1
033. Sum 41?: 0
034. No Doubt?: 2 (but i lost tragic kingdom!! :-( thats their best one...)
035. Mariah Carey?: 1
036. The Offspring?: 2
037. Rancid?: 0 (:-( i need to get at least one)
038. System Of A Down?: 2
039. Kittie?: 0
040. NoFX?: 0 (again...i need to get at least one)

What lyric comes to your mind when you hear...
036. Goo Goo Dolls?: uhhh...
037. Lifehouse?: ...
038. Vertical Horizon?: i cant remember, but that one song got really annoying
039. Vitamin C? friends forever (i think?)
040. LFO?: summer girls...abercrombie and
041. Savage Garden?: i love this band...too many songs to name...
042. Papa Roach?: i'ma go to their first hit and say..."cut my life into pieces! this is my last resort!"
043. The Bloodhound Gang?: hehe...i like them....
044. Toni Braxton?: ...
045. 98 Degrees?: ...
046. Our Lady Peace?: ...
047. The Verve Pipe?: who?
048. Craig David?: dont like him...
050. Aqua?: the barbie song people? *ahem*onehitwonder*ahem*
052. Micaela?: who?
053. The Fugees?: dont like them

Which is better?
054. Britney or Christina?: hmmm....both equal
055. Punk or rock?: first, it depends on your definition of punk and rock. second, it depends on what band. again, i cant generalize like that.
056. Edited or un-edited?: unedited
057. Backstreet Boys or N'Sync?: well, i was a teeny back in the mid 90s, so i'ma say bsb, although now i dont really give a fuck about either.
058. Nick or Justin?: justin's a buttugly egomaniac.
059. Live or on TV?: live
060. Amphitheater or arena?: i dont have enough experience to say
061. Live band or recorded tape?: live
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