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stuff...spiderman and mom

my mom told me a month or so ago that she and dick are planning on getting married within the next year or so. today, they asked me for "my blessing". what the fuck am i supposed to say? "no, mom, dont get married." yeah, right. she already spends every night over there, which is fine with me, it just means i get to stay up as late as i want with the music as loud as i want. i hesitantly told them that i was fine with the marriage (psh) as long as the living situation doesnt change. i do NOT want to move until after i've graduated.

i saw spiderman today. i liked that movie. For one reason specifically. The hero didnt get the girl. Thank god. I'm so sick of every single hollywood movie ending that way, its nice to have something different. The love story was extremely cheesy, though. It did need some sort of love story, just with not so much cheese. It was also pretty predictable. Everything else kicked ass, though. I give it an 8 out of 10. a few things confused me, though. at the beginning, when he climbed that wall for the first time, were his boots sticky too? he couldntve been using JUST his fingertips to pull himself up. another thing, how does the web shoot *through* his costume?? and how did he get that costume? surely he didnt make it himself...and its not like he went out and bought it somewhere...

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