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01. I hurt: my thumb last week
02. I love: my kitty
03. I hate: andrew wk (hes on tv right now)
04. I cry: easily at movies
05. I fear: not much
06. I hope: that i move out of this shithole when i graduate
07. I sadden: when people talk shit
08. I feel alone: very rarely
09. I kill: no one...?
10. I talk: to myself
11. I listen: to myself
12. I break: stuff
13. I see: a cursor
14. I smell: nothing
15. I taste: nothing
16. I work: at smiths
17. I remember: not enough
18. I hold: nothing
19. I hide: when i'm paranoid
20. I pray: never
21. I walk: around
22. I drive: too fast
23. I read: stuff
24. I burn: candles and matches...matches smell good
25. I breathe: air?
26. I play: with friends?
27. I miss: my dad
28. I touch: hearts (aw)
29. I learn: in school (yeah right)
30. I feel: tired
31. I know: everything
32. I said: stuff
33. I dream: good dreams
34. I have: fun
35. I want: for adema to come here, DAMMIT!
36. I fall: for you
37. I wait: for the time to come so i can move
38. I need: concerts
39. I live: a crappy life
40. I die: when im old and wrinkly

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